Our menu is changing every day a little bit, and still it has been the same for almost 30 years. You can find viennese specialities like the veal schnitzel breaded and fried in the pan or the boiled beef meat Tafelspitz, but also bistrot-kitchen classics like Beef Tartare or Vitello Tonnato. Our tenderloin steak with pink pepper sauce is as well known as the ovenwarm roastbeef on top of salad. Besides, we are also serving central-eastern european specialities like cabbage roulade Sarma or Piroggi.

Please find a sample menu below:

Beef Tartare with Toast
Vegetarian Antipasti: Arabic Aubergine Salad, Peppers, Artichauts, Avocado, etc.
Mozzarella with Tomatoes and Basil
Beetroot- and green seed salad „french style“ with nuts
Greek Salad
Herring filets with cream dip and potatoes
Smoked trout on top of green salad
Fresh austrian goat cheese with herbs and tomatoes

Beef consomme with vegetables and noodles or pancake stripes
Pumpkin creme Soup

Chanterelles roasted with egg and cream cheese with potatoes
Homemade Piroggi stuffed with potatoe-and white cheese with green salad
Chicken breast breaded and fried (viennese style) with potatoe salad
Meat patties of veal with mashed potatoes
Ossobucco alla milanese with pasta
Porc fillet with Chanterelle sauce, Fetuccine, and Rucola-Beetroot salad
Lamb chops with roasted potatoes and Ratatouille vegetables
Pheasant breast in ham coat with red cabbage and bread dumplings
Ovenwarm roastbeef on mixed salad
„Wiener Schnitzel“ (veal scallop breaded and fried) with potatoe salad and green seeds
Tenderloin steak with pink pepper sauce and parsley potatoes
Pike perch fish fillet a la Grenoble (with lemon-caper sauce) and butter potatoes

Chocolate cake „Susi“
Viennese apple pie „Apfelstrudel“ with cream
Prune dumplings
Pancakes with homemade apricot jam
Cinnamon parfait with prune cream

Cheese plate: Provolone Dolce, Dolcelatte, Pecorino Pepato, Taleggio, etc.
Greek „Feta cheese“ with olives
Green Salad
Mixed Salad